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WARNING: PPC Advertising has already created millionaires.

"You are not the only one being played as a fool by the internet marketing gurus...


Just face the truth... The only one who are making OBSCENE amount of money online are business owners"

You can make money online buy running a site.

Building a site is relatively easy, if you don't know, go and learn it. There's lots of free tutorials online.

What kind of site must you build to be able to make money online:
  • An Affiliate Blog
  • A Review Site
  • A Catalogue
All these sites have something in common which is, that they are here to promote products. The the sadest part of the story is that simply setting up a product review sites won't make you much money if you don't know how to get your site noticed. You need to bring traffic to your site(s) in order to make sales.

There are various ways to bring traffic to your site. One surefire method is The Pay Per Click method. With this method, you are simply paying companies to place you ads infornt of targeted internet visitors.
For sure, there are other methods such as Search Engine Optimization or Viral Marketing. These method shoudn't be left apart and they are covered within the eCourse.

Now some people might say that making money online is fake and that if you work, you will never see your check. It's true that to some extend millions of person were fooled by some gurus pretending that that one could make money online by filling some forms are by taking online surveys. Most of my friends who are making money online through online surveys are actually filling their bank account by promotting these online surveys stuffs. Most people making money online from online data entry jobs are doing so by promotting the product in itself. Please, do not waste your money on such kind of products.

The conclusion is that to make money online you need to promote products.

What kind of products to promote?
You'll need to promote products from reputable companies from which you know you'll obtain a check at the end of the month. Such companies can be found on affiliates networks such as Clickbank and Commission Junksion.

Each time someone buys from you, you'll earn a commission. The principle is simple, you promote a product online by writting reviews and the more sales you make, the richer you'll get.

What product to promote?
It's usually better to promote new products with few competition. Futhermore, you must check whether their is a market for the product. Let us have a look at how is this done.

Let say you've came across a nice product that sells at $47 where affiliates obtain $27 on each sale.
We first need to know if there is a market for that product:

We must take a look at the market trend:
Is the market growing or shrinking?

As can be seen from the above diagram, more and more people are searching for info on how to make money online. This may be due to the financial crisis. In brief there is a hungry crowed ready to put money within your bank account.

Next, we try to find out how many internet users are searching for informations related to our product in quantitative terms.

We can see from the above data that the product has a market of +25,000,000 potential clients per month

So here is our income potential:

Sale Per Day Earnings Per Day Earnings Per Month
25 $925 $27750
75 $2775 $83,250
150 $5550 $166,500
300 $11700 $333,000

The problem today is that most profitable markets are already dominated by millions of established sites. Sometime a market can be so saturated that it allows us no chance of search engine exposure. Does this mean that there is no income potential within these markets?

I'm now going to reveal to you the secret methods that serious advertisers are using to generate six figures income online.

The surefire method to bring targetted traffic to offers when a market is profitable and the search engine saturated is by running PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

Here's an example of a marketing campaign:

Let say you are promoting the latest sony wide screen tv set where you get paid $100 each time someone buys from you.

You do a $100 campaign that brings around 2000 targeted visitors to your offer/website. 1000 visitors sign up to receive a free report in which you give details about the product(s). The free report can be something like "Why buying your $600 wide screen tv somewhere else is the worst thing to do". Within the report, you entice people to buy from you. Knowing that you've advertised this report to 2000 potential customers, if only 10-100 of them buys from you, you'll be making $1000 - $10000. 

Your profit will depend not only on your ability to run successful ad campaigns, but also on the marketing strategies you are using. Futhermore, now that you've obtained the email addresses of these people, you can market other products to them anytime you wish thus cutting your advertising cost.

There are many different things you must do to increase your Conversion Rate (Total Sales Over Total Amount Of Visit) such as list building, landing page strategies, one time offer, but we'll talk about these later... Let us concentrate on the system that will allow us to bring massive traffic to our offers...

What is google adwords and why so many successful businesses are using this system to advertise their offers to millions of targeted visitors.

Google Adwords is a form of advertising also known as "pay per click." It works by setting up ads for your website and then listing keywords that your customers will search for. When a potential customer searches for a keyword that you used, your ad shows up in the Google search results right in front of them at precisely the moment they typed in the keyword!

The tricky part is getting past the learning curve! How well you do this will determine if you’re campaign is successful or if you simply waste your money and learn the hard way. Since you pay every time a visitor clicks on your can run up quite a bill if you don’t have everything setup properly.

There are six basics you must master to run a successful pay per click campaign

  1. Writting your ads
  2. Creating ad group
  3. Building keyword lists
  4. Edit campaign settings
  5. Split testing your ads
  6. Tracking your ads

All the videos in the Understanding PPC course focuses on these six key elements and gets you past the learning curve so quick and easy that by the time your are finished watching the can have your ad up and running...making you money immediately.


Introducing...Understanding PPC...Your Step By Step Video Guide To Pay Per Click!

Discover how quick and easy it is to effectively use pay per click advertising to make money with your website. These videos will completely eliminate your learning curve and have you advertising like a pro by the time you are finished watching the videos!

Can Google Really Help My Business Make More Money?

By now I'm sure you have heard of Google, even if you don't know a lot about the internet. Google is a multi-billion dollar company that does nothing but direct traffic around the internet. They have the most successful and advanced system to get targeted visitors to your website. That brain child is called "Google Adwords" and it has changed the way people do business online.

There are many businesses who spend thousands of dollars per month advertising their business with Google Adwords. They deliver what business owners and affiliates need...targeted visitors that are looking for your product! The bottom line is that Google can help your business make more money online no matter what your product or service may be.

Here's Exactly What You Get When You
Grab The Understanding PPC Videos

Video #1 Signing Up For Google Adwords

Video #2  Campaign Settings

Video #3 Building Your Keyword List

Video #4 Writing Your Ad

Video #5 Creating Ad Groups

Video #6 Split Testing

Video #7 Ad Tracking

In just 57 minutes and 35 seconds you will know exactly how to advertise your business on the internet using Google Adwords pay per click!

Think about it...In less than an hour you will have your website online in front of millions of people making real money. You will also be completely eliminating your learning curve! Now you can spend the next 6 months to a year focusing on other parts of your business.
The great thing about these videos is you aren't wasting your time with fluff and talk about things that aren't related to pay per click. You get exact and precise instruction jammed packed into one tight little package. You get a break down of each section with it's own video so you will never get confused or lose your way while discovering how to advertise your business on the internet. It truly is an extraordinary time saver!


Understanding PPC is not a get rich quick system. It's just an e-course teaching aspect of successful internet marketing campaign to new internet marketers. It is not intended to those willing to make quick money online. It is for those willing to undertake successful adword campaigns and earn more than $10000 per month by running online businesses.

Some people asked me if the money is in the way we do our advertising campaign. I tell them that to make sales(money) online, you need targeted visitors to view your product... Thus it would be stupid to bring one million untargeted visitors to your site.

That's why Understanding PPC will provide with the best system to bring targetted visitors to your site(s)... Your advetising campaign will be run through Google being one of the biggest online company outthere...

Your ads will be shown within search engine results on Google and on hundreds of millions of related sites...

Understanding PPC is a straight to the point video e-course. It's no fluff at all and it teachs you the exact system that big online marketers are using to generate thousands of dollar per month.


For limited time, we are giving away some secrets that will guarantee your online success...

"Revealed At Last: An Amazing Collection Of Lost Internet Marketing Strategies In An Exclusive Video Presentation"

Just one of these hot little strategies could transform your business... and Now You Can Leverage the Strategies of the Professionals for YOUR Benefit

I always thought that if I knew what the professionals knew about this business, then things would be so much easier. I was convinced that despite all the ebooks, courses etc, there was some arcane secret that they weren't telling you.

The Truth? There isn't any arcane secret to this business. Oh Yeah, sure, most pro's have one or two personal tricks up their sleeve which they have learned, but these are far from the golden panacea to solve everything including baldness.

What I HAVE found however, is that there is a "body of knowledge", used by the pro's which they use, almost like riding a cycle. They can't explain how, it "just comes natural"

An Example of just ONE of these killer Strategies

In this video, you'll learn 50 professional strategies for profit pulling sales pages. For example, have you heard of the Visual Bonus Strategy? "Bonus - you'll get the comic book version". This strategy tells your prospects that they will have a little entertainment when reading your information. Your information could be in the form of product instructions, quick start guides, eBooks, follow along guides for audio/video products etc. Entertaining bonus pictures, drawings, photos and/or graphics can visually attract people to purchase your main product


This is HOW this video presentation is going
to kick your competitors out of the market.

Once you've got a grip on these strategies, your marketing will never be the same again. Once you've listened to me explaining these secrets and 'made them your own' you'll be able to use them in a precise and targeted way.

  • You'll learn how personal stuff and tragic stories can be used to your prospects.
  • People are interested in YOU!. You'll find out how to use knowledge of what YOU do to create a valuable bonus.
  • You'll see how a Non-Official Launch can give you the edge.
  • How giving away a net percentage can positively persuade.
  • And much, much more! - In fact there are 50 Lost IM Secret Strategies in this new and exclusive Video Presentation

Knowing the techniques of how to setup and run a business is not enought

To succeed in any kind of business you need more than just technical knowledge:
  • You need to know how to become popular as the big guys.
  • You also need to have the winner mindset as the big guys.
  • You need to know the rules of money that the rich will never tell you.

Thank you so much for your help. I STRONGLY recommend Understanding PPC to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online business! I am completely blown away.

--Fran Roger
Affiliate within the electronical appliances niche

Everything happened so fast! We've seen amazing results already. To be honest you cannot beat the services or the people that I have dealt with.

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The best on the net! Very easy to use. I like Understanding PPC more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier.

--Kenneth Rogers
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Now, these testimonials are exceptional results. I don't know you, your conduct of business, work ethics, resources, passion, and attitude towards success - you may do BETTER or WORSE.

Which I have to make it clear that:

IF you are desperate or looking to make quick cash, this is NOT for you. Like anything else in real life, there is no guarantee of income that you will make. As mentioned earlier, the testimonials above are exceptional results. You can do better or worse, or even nothing at all.
IF you don't want to learn how to create web pages and to write killer sales letter, this is NOT for you. While the tasks you need to accomplish for your business throughout the is relatively easy, you are required to know how to create web pages and write well.
IF you cannot follow instructions or a plan as it is, this is NOT for you. I know that plans are boring and almost automatic, but that is what a plan is. If you don't have what it takes to stick to a proven plan like this one, I don't know what else will, though I personally don't find being broke an amusing experience.
IF you are relunctant to invest $200, this is NOT for you, too. This manual is aimed at those who are interested in making more money rather than saving another couple of hundred bucks. You need to understand that in business, you cannot generate something out of nothing.

90 Days, Satisfaction Guarantee

You may not see quick results in few days, granted that you may run into errors, make corrections and take additional time to put your resources together. So, I will give you 90 days to try out the information within my product.

You have more than a lot of time! So, if you are not satisfied with it for any reason at all, or you did not get the profits you have been expecting, delete the copy from your PC, Email me within 90 days, and I will refund your money.

However, you can keep the complementary bonus as an incentive for trying my manual out. You can't lose.

Build your Worldwide Business with a Debt-free, financially-solid 10 year old company from the comfort of your home.

Buy this now. You won't regret it. Thanks to Understanding PPC, we've just launched our 5th website! We've seen amazing results already.

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As these factors differ according to each individual we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.  Materials in our product and our website may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements within the meaning of the securities litigation reform act of 1995. Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events.

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Sale Per Day Earnings Per Day Earnings Per Month
25 $925 $27750
75 $2775 $83,250
150 $5550 $166,500
300 $11700 $333,000

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